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If I cant be there, I can still help: I’ll write your ceremony and your full love story.

Maybe I am booked, or maybe you’ve hired another officiate but you want your love story told in your ceremony.

Not a problem, I can still serve you! I’ll write your full ceremony and your love story in three acts-how you met, your first date, and proposal. Also included is what you love about each other and what your family and friends love about the two of you.

Then I send it to your officiate who can deliver it at your ceremony, and you’ll have the love story ceremony that’s so hard to find.


How it works.


We begin building your ceremony, covering your preferences around the details and elements. I’ll be filling in my spreadsheet with the following details:

  • what music plays, how are the mics set up, etc.
  • what is going on before the ceremony and who is where
  • opening announcements for your officiant
  • who is in your processional and how they enter and stand
  • how you say your vows
  • where are the rings
  • if you’d like to add any other elements or readings to your ceremony
  • who is signing and how the table will be arranged
  • what your officiant needs to tell your guests as the ceremony is closing
  • how you get presented for the first time
  • how you and your party exit.
2) I take all that data and create your full ceremony script.

Your ceremony Script will look like a screenplay including all the details that we talked about.

  • “stage directions,” names, times, and full instructions about who is doing what, saying what, and when.
  • any outstanding decisions to be made marked and highlighted, with comments in the margins.
3) I share your editable script with you, your officiant, and anyone else who might need it.

In the weeks before your ceremony, we’re building out any items that weren’t nailed down in our planning session. The finished product is what your officiant will read in your ceremony! You can:

  • edit the script itself,
  • reply to or ask quesitons in the interactive comments in the margins,
  • request any changes and unlimited revisions.
4) I start working on your story by sending you and your fiancé some questions.

I’ll email you a survey form asking you about:

  • your first impression of each other,
  • your first date,
  • your proposal,
  • what you love about each other,
  • giving me a few email addresses of friends and family.
5) You each fill out the survey and send it back to me.
Ideally, within three weeks of your wedding date and without reading each other’s answers, you’ll describe for me all the above events on the survey form and I’ll have “both sides of the story.” It’s so fun to see the differences and similarities in how you describe the same milestone occasions in your relationship!
6) I email your friends and family with some questions about you.

You’ve each given me a few email addresses of friends and/or family members who you know will gush about you. I’ll email them and ask:

  • what they know about how you got together,
  • what they know about the proposal,
  • what they love about you as a couple.
7) I write your story.

I’ll put all the answers together and write a full, funny and moving story that includes:

  • how you first met,
  • how the first date went,
  • how the proposal went down,
  • what each of you loves about the other (in your own words),
  • what your friends and family love about you as a couple (in their own words),
  • a brief reflection about how today is special because of the promises you’re making to always be there for each other for the rest of your lives.
8) I email your story to your officiant and coach them over the phone if requested.

You have the choice: you can either choose to read your story before the wedding, or (way more fun!) wait to hear it along with all your wedding guests. I’ll email your completed story and the full officiant speech to your officiant who will practice the delivery and read it in your ceremony! And I’ll even call them and go over all the details of the script and discuss any of their questions.

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