wedding officiants near me

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Hi. I’m Tony

Do you want an officiate who will do more than be hired and show up? Do you want an officiate who will write a warm, heartfelt ceremony that will organize your wedding, and give you peace of mind? Do you want to be amazed by the telling of your love story, and have your guest raving about it?

If so, tie the knot with tony.
wedding officiants near me

Customer Experience


From the “Chemistry Check” a  no obligation chance to learn the process of working with me from beginning to end, to your one hour wedding workshop where we build your ten part ceremony, I guide you through the options and we work on your ceremony together.

Your own Ceremony


Your own ceremony means (and, I love this part!) that the ceremony we build will be original and completely your own. I am not just repeating phrases from the wedding a week before. There is magic your love story, magic in how the two of you met and fell in love, and even more magic in the retelling in the true life story of how the two of you fell in love to your family and friends on your special day.

Where there is love, there is life.

Celebrate your special day with an officate who will write and deliver

your love story. There is magic in how you met, how you fell in love,

and how he proposed.

Let is be writen.

Let it be told.

Tie The knot With Tony!


Things you may need

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