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Thank you for stopping by to check out my website, and I can honestly say that it would bring me great joy to be included in your special day. My goal is clear, to make sure that your special day is filled with joy, peace, patience, and the love we will honor as two become one.

I am a prayer warrior, a volunteer police chaplain, a non-profit director, and a child of God. I was Ordained and trained by Christian leadership institute and made a Chaplain by Crisis Chaplains of America. I was born in and raised in Los Angeles but have lived in Texas for over ten years.

 I have seen the love of a bride dedicating her life to her husband time and time again and it fills me with joy, and a true love for the calling I have been given. Please give me a call or drop a line with any and all questions. It makes no difference weather it is a walk up wedding, a vow-renewal or if its a wedding the world will witness, tie the knot with Tony and be filled with the spirit!



Be ready to laugh a lot.

Be ready to laugh a lot.

In marriage, the more you laugh the greater you love. Be filled with the spirit! Marriage Laughter. In Ephesians, Paul the apostle began his teaching on marriage with these five words that can save a doomed marriage or make a good marriage wonderful. So let me say it...

Be Ready to For Honesty

Be Ready to For Honesty

The be ready champagne began as a way to promote both my wedding business and the online course, Marriage God's Way, but day by day, from video to video I began to understand more and more. I have married many people, and the look on the groom's face most of the time...


be quick to listen

All faiths Welcome

Our price for the sake of your budget $150.00.

Prices include rehersal, and the signing of the license.

*over 50 miles and overnights will be extra.

(713) 261-5180
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Be filled with the Spirit!

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