Be Ready to For Honesty

by Sep 23, 20210 comments

The be ready champagne began as a way to promote both my wedding business and the online course, Marriage God’s Way, but day by day, from video to video I began to understand more and more.

I have married many people, and the look on the groom’s face most of the time seems to be that of a man getting ready for his life to change in ways he both understands and doesn’t understand. 

Paul the Apostle tells us to be filled with the spirit in marriage for a reason, most people do not want to be with someone who is not filled with the spirit of God, they just don’t. 

We need honesty, someone who will give us grace when we fall short.

We need someone who is kind, someone who finds joy in both our smile and our laugh. 

We need all these things and more so first we must give all these things and more.

So, be ready.

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