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Have you decided to hire another Officiant, but still want your love story delivered on your wedding day?

Or is it an anniversary, a birthday or another specail occasion that calls for your love story to be written, recorded, and put into video format?
I can help.

A love story like yours should live forever, and something that will make a truly unique anniverary or birthday gift you two can enjoy for years to come. But if you are getting married and decided not to tie the knot with tony, the story of how you met and fell in love should still delivered in your ceremony.

I’ll write your love story in my own unique way and then send it to your officiant so they can deliver it in your ceremony. Included is an audio file with moving background music, and a video file so you can have use it for a reception, wedding, engagement video, or social media.


How does it work?

1. I will email you and your fiance a few questions.
  • your first impression of each other,
  • your first date,
  • your proposal,
  • what you love about each other,
  • giving me a few email addresses of friends and family.
2. The both of you fill it out and send it back to me.

It’s best to send it back to me within three weeks of the ceremony. Once  I have all of the information I will have both sides of the story which is key to your stories impact. It’s so much fun for your friends and family to hear the differences in how the both of you perceive the your love story.

3. I email two of your friends and family with a few questions.

You give me few email addresses of friends and/or family who you know will say wonderful things about you. I’ll email them and ask:

  • what they know about how you got together,
  • what they know about the proposal,
  • what they love about you as a couple.
4. I write and record your love story.

I’ll put it all together and write, and record a full, funny and moving story that includes:

  • how you first met,
  • how the first date went,
  • how the proposal went down,
  • what each of you loves about the other (in your own words),
  • what your friends and family love about you as a couple (in their own words)
5. I send you your story in print and audio formats

With both the script and audio recording of your story, you have choices: I’ll email your completed story/full speech to your officiant, who will practice the delivery and read it in your ceremony.


6. Full Video of your love story

For an additional fee, you send me photos, and or video of the two of you, I produce a video of your love story, complete with narrative voice over, and moving background music for your engagement, wedding, or reception video, and social media!

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