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Tie the Knot With Tony.

Hi. I’m Tony

Do you want an officiate who will do more than be hired and show up? Do you want an officiate who will write a warm, heartfelt ceremony that will organize your wedding, and give you peace of mind? Do you want to be amazed by the telling of your love story, and have your guest raving about it?

If so, tie the knot with Tony.
wedding officiants near me

A few Reviews

The Writing


What most officates do is get hired and show up on the big day, that is not how I do things. I don’t just officiate your ceremony, I plan your ceremony. From the “Chemistry Check” a  no obligation chance to learn the process of working with me from beginning to end, to your one hour wedding workshop where we build your ten part ceremony, guiding you through the options, as I gather what I need to write your ceremony.

The Workshop


The wedding workshop is something that has proven invaluable to me and eye opening to my customers. Invaluable to me because it give me the opportunity to gather the information that will bring my clients together in Holy Matrimony. Invaluable tomy customers because the questions I asked are the right questions, questions that will cover the smaller details. I invite you to the Tie the Knot with Tony wedding workshop to gather the details, hashout the ins and outs so we can make your ceremony the best ceremony ever.

Where there is love, there is life.

Celebrate your special day with an officate who will write and deliver

your love story. There is magic in how you met, how you fell in love,

and how he proposed.

Let it be writen.

Let it be told.

Tie The knot With Tony!

Be quick to Listen and very slow to speak!

Be quick to Listen and very slow to speak!

Be quick to listen. Nothing, under the sun, is more important than the one you married. Two have become one. Two becoming one may sound like a saying of speech, but the bible teaches something more. The bible teaches that when you submit yourselves to Christ and marry...

Be ready to laugh a lot.

Be ready to laugh a lot.

In marriage, the more you laugh the greater you love. Be filled with the spirit! Marriage Laughter. In Ephesians, Paul the apostle began his teaching on marriage with these five words that can save a doomed marriage or make a good marriage wonderful. So let me say it...

Be Ready to For Honesty

Be Ready to For Honesty

The be ready champagne began as a way to promote both my wedding business and the online course, Marriage God's Way, but day by day, from video to video I began to understand more and more. I have married many people, and the look on the groom's face most of the time...

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