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What do I mean by Price within your budget?

The last few years of our lives have been so hard. We the people have been hit with everything from riots to pandemics, but I don’t see why marriages should suffer under the onslaught, so I didn’t bother to put a price, email me, call me. I am a sucker for a good sob story.


What do we do next?
  1. Obtain your marriage license from the County Clerk of any Texas county.  It must be issued no less than 72 hours and not more than 90 days before your wedding day.
  2. Call 713 261-5180 to make an appointment and for prepay instructions.
  3. Come to the *New Faith Chapel, located at 11139 Homestead Rd, Houston,  TX 77040 at your scheduled date and time.  Just bring your marriage license and photo ID.
  4. We will officiate your ceremony.
What about last Minute Request?

I am here to be of service, whenever you need an officiate my timer is yours.

How much communication will we have

It’s all about what you want and need in your ceremony. If you have specific details you want for your wedding then we can meet at the Chapel or online to go over what you need and what we can accommodate for your special day.

If you need to simply show up and get married then we can help with that too.

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