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Not a template, just a glimpse of whats possible.

The Wedding of Jen and Brad

Wedding: The Manor – Saturday October 9th 2021, 4:00PM


Rehearsal: The Manor – Thursday October 7th 2021, 6:00PM

_____________________________________________________    ______


  • Tony arrives by 3:15PM
  • Tony does a mic check (lav mic and mic on a stand) with house A/V
  • Tony checks in with DJ, go over cues
  • Tony checks in with planner Whitney from the venue
  • Tony checks in with photographer Britney
  • Tony check in with videographer Jeremy
  • Tony checks license is in place



  • Jen in bridal suite with her party
  • Brad is greeting guests with groomsmen
  • DJ playing music 



  • Tony checks in with Jen and makes sure she ready to take her place
  • Tony checks in with Brad and readies him to take the front
  • Tony oversees marshaling at rear for entrance:

Wedding party

      • Tony
      • Brad (GROOM), 
      • Thomas (Best Man/Brother of Bride), 
      • Perry,
      • Ian, 
      • Jamie, 
      • Andrew,
      • Jonathan,
      • Tom (Father of Groom) and Brenda (Mother of Groom), 
      • Wendy (Mother of Bride)  and Neil (Brother of Bride), 
      • Catherine, 
      • Stephanie, 
      • Anna, 
      • Larey, 
      • Cheryl (Maid of Honour), 
      • George (Ring Boy) and Penny (Flower Girl)
      • Jen (BRIDE) and Peter (Father of Bride) 




    • Tony takes the front with (in single file:)
      • Brad (GROOM), 
      • Thomas (Best Man/Brother of Bride), 
      • Perry,
      • Ian, 
      • Jamie, 
      • Andrew,
      • Jonathan
    • Groomsmen take places across the front, Brad on Tony’s left


    DJ fades out pre-wedding music


    Officiant Announcements


    • Good afternoon everyone! (Okay let’s try that again: Good afternoon everyone!)
    • Are you ready for Jen and Brad to finally get married??
    • My name is Tony and I am honored to be the officiant for Jen and Brad today. Just a couple of things for you to know as we get started here:
      • The bride and groom have said that you may take photos from where you’re at, but please be discreet and remain at your seat. OR: The bride and groom have asked that we not take photos during the ceremony. You’ll notice that Britney and Jeremy are the pro photographers, so let’s please let them do their work and not get in their way.
      • Also, as we always have to say at any public event like this, please set your phones to silent so nothing interrupts this very special next few moments.
    • We’re going to have a wonderful time today. Are you ready to get these two married? Shall we get to it? Ok! With that, let’s begin. ← CUE FOR DJ




    DJ starts Storybook Love


    • Tom (FOG) and Brenda (MOG), (are seated)
    • Wendy (MOB) and Neil (BOB), (are seated)
    • Catherine, 
    • Stephanie, 
    • Anna, 
    • Larey, 
    • Cheryl (MOH), 
    • George (RB) and Penny (FG)


    DJ starts I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You


    Tony: “Please stand for the bride as you’re able.”


    • ENTER: Jen and Peter, stop at front row


    Music fades low when Jen and dad reach the front row.


    Tony:  “Peter and Wendy, do you stand in support of Jen’s marriage to Brad today?” 


    Peter: “We do.”


    Music fades up again.

    • Brad steps forward to receive Jen; handshakes, hugs and kisses exchanged; 
    • Jen and Brad come the rest of the way to Tony
    • Peter sits with guests.
    • Jen gives her flowers to Cheryl
    • Jen and Brad face each other in front of Tony, hold hands


    Music fades out


    Tony: “You may be seated.”


    Story/Intent of Marriage


    Well, friends and family, 

    we know that Brad and Jen

    are here today to get married

    and that they are perfect for each other. 

    (Can I get an amen? )


    But how did we end up here today? 

    How did these two people

    somehow not only end up meeting, 

    but also end up falling in love 

    and choosing to spend 

    the rest of their lives together?


    Well, I’d like to spend the next few minutes 

    Telling you a true version of how that happened.


    Our story begins… on girls’ night out. 

    Jen and Natalie and Kerri are set  

    on a night of dinner and dancing,

    and while Natalie and Kerri are interested in finding a club,

    Jen is more into dinner and drinks 

    And less into dancing.

    After all, she is, 

    as she has been telling friends for weeks,

    “closed for business and not dating for a LONG TIME!”

    Little does she know, 

    all that resolve is to be shattered in moments.


    After dinner, Natalie run into some friends on the street

    and start chatting,

    Jen at first waits patiently,

    but when patience turns to impatience,

    she makes a comment to a gentleman she’s noticed

    standing outside a restaurant nearby.

    Somehow within minutes, the gentleman

    is suddenly getting a tutorial about the new iOS

    from the enthusiastic and tech-savvy Jen.

    When Natalie and Kerri are ready to move on,

    they turn and noticed that the gregarious Jen

    is no longer with them,

    and now it’s their turn to wait.

    Finally Jen wishes Brad a farewell, he returns it,

    and she saunters off.

    But she doesn’t get far.

    Brad catches up with her, 

    and asks her if she has a boyfriend,

    and… if she wouldn’t mind going on a date.

    Somehow Jen has forgotten 

    her recent commitment to be “closed for business,”

    and in a span of minutes,

    Jen and Brad go from not knowing 

    each other existed,

    to Brad holding Jen’s very unfake phone number,

    much to her friends’ surprise. 

    No one is more surprised than Jen.


    Well, Brad does the dutiful and decent thing,

    and waits three agonizing days before calling

    so as not to appear too eager.

    Jen does the dutiful and decent thing 

    and lets the voicemail pick up his call

    so as not to appear too eager.

    But by the end of that night, texts are exchanged,

    and both go to sleep with smiles on their faces.


    Later that week on a phone call

    Brad asks Jen if she would go out to dinner.

    Not knowing they live 

    just around the corner from each other,

    he asks what neighborhood she likes to eat in

    and if she has any food aversions.

    Jen tells him she will go 

    anywhere the subway runs 

    and that she will try anything (food related) at least once.

    Brad remembers this as a very good sign.

    “Perfect,” he says. “Leave the planning to me.”

    Jen remembers this as a very good sign.

    He chooses Lee,

    the restaurant at the address 

    where they’d had that first conversation on the street.

    And he is a proper gentleman, 

    he waits for Jen to sit first, 

    doesn’t open a menu until she does 

    and all that chivalrous stuff that Jen loves,

    and by the end of dinner and a drink next door,

    they’ve begun to learn about each other:

    that they coincidentally live only a few streets apart,

    that Jen’s one dream destination is Japan –

    where Brad had coincidentally lived years ago –

    and that you wouldn’t guess it by looking at them,

    but they both love hip hop.

    Later, goodbyes are said at a cab

    with promises to see each other again.

    And soon, Date One leads to Date Two 

    And to Jen and Brad building a life and a future together.


    Just over a year and a half later

    Brad starts getting the idea that it’s time he proposed.

    They are on a flight to Tokyo,

    with plans on Day Three of the trip to go to Kamakura, 

    one of Brad’s favorite places on earth:

    home to a quiet, peaceful Buddhist temple in the hills

    and a massive Buddha statue among the trees.

    It’s a place Brad was captivated by 

    when he first saw it at 17 with his dad;

    it’s a place where he found solace often 

    in his years working in Japan;

    it’s the place he plans to propose on Monday.


    Monday dawns and Brad 

    is feeling excited and nervous.

    As they set out, wrong turns and transportation glitches 

    are mounting the pressure

    and lead to them needing to stop for lunch 

    before getting to the temple,

    and then Jen needing to stop to buy socks 

    to wear in the temple,

    and then Jen needing to find a place 

    to get a coffee on the way to the temple.

    Brad is growing understandably impatient 

    given what he has planned,

    and Jen, with no idea of what he has planned, 

    gently reminds him

    that the 1000 year old Buddha will likely still be there

    even if they are a bit late.


    They finally arrive – the moment is near,

    and as they approached the entrance

    to Brad’s place of solace and peace,

    It’s unmistakable: 

    rows upon rows of school buses

    and the din of hundreds of schoolchildren. 

    This particular Monday is not so peaceful 

    at Kamakura.


    This, however, in no way dampens Jen’s wonder

    and elation at the magnificence 

    of the temple and the Buddha,

    and Brad revels in her awe,

    even as he tries to emotionally regroup

    from the unexpected ambiance of screaming kids.


    As they tour the sites,

    Jen starts to think something is up

    when Brad, the history buff of the couple, 

    takes absolutely no interest in reading 

    all the plaques and displays – 

    this in addition to all his other 

    uncharacteristically jittery behavior all morning.

    She suggests they go outside and sit on a rock

    near the base of the statute. 

    And there, seizing the moment,

    Brad says a lot of really nice things 

    that neither of them quite recall now,

    and he pulls out a ring,

    and time slows,

    and the crowds fades,

    and for just a few moments, 

    they feel like the only two people in the world.

    Jen remembers blurting out “yes yes yes” right away;

    Brad remembers it being an eternity

    but she does finally say, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

    But however it happened, 

    She finally said yes – 

    And here we are today.

    (They did it! Can we give it up for Jen and Brad??)


    This is a beautiful story

    It’s a story of two people

    who were brought together by shared interests,

    kept together by shared ambitions and values,

    and who face a future of more shared adventures together

    because of their deep and growing love.


    It’s because of the moments in this story

    And the many others in their years together 

    That Brad can say of Jen when I asked him what he loves about her:

    “Jen is my best friend.

    From the beginning it was so easy and fun. 

    She makes me laugh every single day;

    she is so supportive of everything I do. 

    She makes me feel special 

    and always knows what to say on good days and bad. 

    She is smart, caring, and beautiful. 

    Some say that we are the same person 

    and in many ways we are. 

    She is the love of my life.”


    And Jen says of Brad when I asked her:

    “Brad is thoughtful and sweet 

    but never takes himself too seriously! 

    He always looks so handsome, 

    and puts time into making himself presentable 

    (even if we are gardening!)

    Brad puts me, his family and closest friends first

    He is punctual (to a fault) – 

    and changes clocks in our house 

    forward to Taylor Time

    to make sure I’m not late! 

    He is the first one to suggest we should ‘talk about it’ 

    whenever there is a challenge or disagreement. 

    He always reminds me that communication is key 

    to a successful relationship 

    He has a pure joy for life – 

    he sings, laughs and dances at any opportunity 

    he is always two steps ahead to make sure I’m happy,

    he makes me want to be a better person,

    he’s my best friend.”


    Now of course, two people in love

    will say almost any crazy old thing about each other.

    It’s the opinion of friends and family 

    that are grounded in reality.

    Here are some words 

    from some of the people 

    who love Brad and Jen most:

    “It’s always obvious 

    how much Brad adores Jen 

    and how perfect Brad is for Jen. 

    They celebrate each other’s accomplishments. 

    They both love hip hop and 

    and do adorable things like missions 

    to find the best roti in the city…

    They are ALWAYS laughing together. 

    They have similar interests, 

    similar communication styles, 

    similar approaches and…do they even look alike? 

    They are adored by family, 

    they are easy-going, fun, comfortable and real.

    There is no doubt in my mind 

    that they strengthen one another

    and will go on doing just that.”


    Friends, the most important thing about today –

    About a wedding –

    About what makes us all come together

    in suits and gowns 

    and less-than-comfortable dancing shoes –

    Is what happens here in the moments to follow.


    Because obviously Brad and Jen 

    didn’t just fall in love today.

    Love is grand, but we aren’t just here to celebrate just love.


    So what’s so special about today? 

    Today is like no other 

    Because we’re here to observe 

    and to witness and to celebrate

    What this love story has inspired: Promise. 

    We are here celebrating 

    the profoundness of commitment – 

    How a seed has fully blossomed

    into Brad and Jen’s wanting 

    to say to each other,

    “I will be the person who is always here for you.

    What we’ve enjoyed for these past years

    We will foster and cultivate for as many years

    As we have left on this earth.”


    So today, Brad and Jen, you are here to say publicly

    To us and to each other,

    That the bond that started to take root 

    On King St.,

    And in Lee Restaurant,

    and a Japanese temple,

    In buying socks and waiting for friends,

    in all your mundane moments and exciting excursions –

    that bond – you will commit to keep cultivating

    wherever life takes you together

    from this day forward.


    And so having said all that, Jen and Brad, do you stand here today to give yourselves to each other in marriage?


    Brad and Jen: “We do.”




    Jen and Brad have asked Jen’s father to share a reading with us. And so Peter, I invite you to do so now.


    • Dad comes to the center, reads, returns to seat




    Brad, do you take Jen,

    to be your wife,

    your life partner and friend?

    To join her life with yours,

    to share with her all that is to be,

    to laugh with her in joy,

    to comfort her in sorrow,

    to grow with her in love?

    Will you honor her

    And be faithful to her,

    all the days of your life?


    Brad: “I do.”


    Jen, do you take Brad,

    to be your husband,

    you life partner and friend?

    To join his life with yours,

    to share with him all that is to be,

    to laugh with him in joy,

    to comfort him in sorrow,

    to grow with him in love?

    Will you honor him

    And be faithful to him,

    all the days of your life?


    Brad: “I do.”




    • Thomas is holding both rings


    Jen and Brad will now exchange rings as a symbol 

    of the promises they’ve made here today 

    and of their ongoing commitment to each other.


    • Thomas gives Brad Jen’s ring
    • Brad places ring on Jen’s finger
    • Continues holding Jen’s hand


    Brad, please repeat after me:


    Jen, I give you this ring 

    as a reminder

    that I will love and cherish you,

    Please wear it as a sign,

    Of my commitment to you.


    • Thomas gives Tony Brad’s ring
    • Tony gives Jen Brad’s ring
    • Jen places ring on Brad’s finger
    • Continues holding Brad’s hand


    Jen, please repeat after me:


    Brad, I give you this ring 

    as a reminder

    that I will love and cherish you,

    Please wear it as a sign,

    Of my commitment to you.


    Pronouncement/The Kiss


    And now, with great joy in front of all your closest friends and family, by the authority given to me by the province, I pronounce you husband and wife! Brad, you may kiss your bride!




    DJ starts Marry You 

    • Jen, Brad, Thomas, Cheryl, and Tony will move to table 
    • Table with 2 chairs; Jen and Brad sit 
    • Tony gives solemnization slip to Thomas


    DJ fades song when party has returned to front


    Officiant Closing Comments


    • Alright, well they signed the papers – it’s totally legit and they’re really married! (cheer)
    • A couple of remarks as we transition here: 
      • the bride and groom are heading out briefly for photos
      • In the meantime, cocktail hour has begun; we are all invited to enjoy some drinks and hors d’oeuvres with the reception to follow after that
    • On behalf of Jen and Brad and their families, thanks so much for celebrating with us – have a great evening! 
    • Can you party as hard as these two are in love tonight? Are you up for that?




    And now, friends and family, please stand with me now; it’s my distinct honor to present to you for the very first time: Mr. and Mrs. MacPherson OR Brad and Jen as husband and wife!


    DJ starts I Love You, Baby immediately 


    • Jen and Brad recess
    • When aisle is cleared, parties recess in pairs in opposite order of entry
    • Tony stands at front until seats are cleared

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